Students Recognized at Chagrin Falls Board of Education Meeting

At the November 2 Chagrin Falls Board of Education meeting, students who completed the Bridging Program over the summer were recognized for maximizing their potential in their studies.

Bridging is the provision of content to students who have evidenced readiness to move into advanced coursework in math and/or science.  It is designed to provide a “bridge” to avoid skipping over content through accelerating forward in coursework.  It allows students to work in a blended learning environment, engaging in independent learning online, along with in-person teacher support and instruction, as needed.  It assists current students and students who join the District.

Math: These students worked through summer 2022 to complete Math Bridging and move into more rigorous Math programming this fall: Claire Angle

Marley Cluney

Warren (Bradley) Field

Charles Florkiewicz

Beatrice Halvorson

Jack Hanley

Charles Henry

Tristan Kalejs

Ashton Martin

Hadley Miller

Eddie Mitchell

Henry Mitchell

Georgia Nygaard

Alejandra Pineiros Monge

Hayden Schron

Megan Shisila

Christopher Solvesky

Charles Stewart

Bethany Vehar

Narek Yeranossian

Physical Science: These students worked in spring through summer 2022 to complete the Bridging to Physical Science program, illustrating their readiness to complete Physical Science for HS credit as a middle school student in the 2022-23 school year:  

Brooke Babic

Christopher Barth

Jacob Benzel

Syna Bhattacharya

Jude Bidar

Graeme Blair

Connor Brackett

Mia Buno

Kelan Byrne

Sadie Conrad

David Daniels

Isabelle Deioma

Calvin Dietz

Brigitte Edwards

Grayson Fisher

Oskar Flach

Durham Freese

Eric Goyzman

Kartik Gulati

Lainey Holmes

Adin Ignatowski

Zachary Kaseler

Abigail Kay

David Kirsch

Riva Kogan

Frances LeBlanc

Ava Lucas

Presley Lucas

Jake McClintock

Cortland Miller

Peter Mitchell

Braden Mooney

Ethan Nielsen

Chloe Nightwine

Molly Nightwine

Frankie Nocente

Juliet Oliver

Robert Quinn

Katherine Rosner

Claire Rubin

Avery Russell

Noah Schaefer

Olivia Seese

Harper Stewart

Petro Sushko

Colin Struk-Marn

Autumn Taylor

Jacob Vasko

Joshua Vasko

Natalie Venorsky

Lily Victoroff

Alaina Woyt

Clara Zabik