Chagrin Falls Intermediate School Students Present Positive Behavior Showcase at October Board of Education Meeting

At the October 19, 2022, Chagrin Falls Board of Education meeting, 10 sixth graders from Chagrin Falls Intermediate School (CFIS) presented a Positive Behavior Showcase.

PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support.  It is an approach in which teachers and staff at the Intermediate School recognize and magnify positive behaviors and actions rather than placing a focus on off-task actions.

“Last spring, we began discussing what we typically think about behavior and flipping it upside down. Not focusing on those outlier, negative behaviors, but focusing on the positives,” said Principal Curtis Howell, Chagrin Falls Intermediate School.  “The plan we put into action is working.  In fact, we have a 26% decrease in negative behaviors currently at the school compared to last year this time.”

Student Council advisors Brittany Ceci and Cory McNamara introduced the sixth-grade Student Council representatives to the audience who then presented about PBIS at CFIS and showcased short skits about how PBIS is shown at CFIS.

The students explained what positive behavior means at CFIS.  They use three words to describe PBIS…responsible, safe and respectful.  Students have accountability to do the right thing.  They feel protected from danger or harm.  They feel and show consideration and care for others.

Staff members are always looking for ways to recognize students for their positive behaviors.  When students at CFIS show positive behavior for exemplifying these traits, they are rewarded in a few ways.  They can receive Tiger Tickets, can be acknowledged with a Tiger Tribute or become a Tiger of the Month. 

If a student receives a Tiger Ticket, they are entered into a weekly drawing where three students per grade level are selected to be recognized.  They also take a slip home to show their family how they demonstrated being safe, responsible and/or respectful at school that week. 

In order for a student to receive a Tiger Tribute postcard, they must have a “YET” mindset, show perseverance, build character growth, show authentic kindness, and be a peer role model. These postcards are mailed home weekly to families.

Tiger of the Month students are nominated by homeroom teachers.  Students who show that they are being responsible, safe and respectful consistently in all classes are nominated. These students are examples of continually trying their best and continuing to learn and grow.

The presentation concluded with all the students performing a skit that demonstrated many scenarios of how students could be recognized for positive behaviors.  At the end, the students gave all the Board members, superintendent, and treasurer Tiger Tribute postcards to thank them for the positive work they do on behalf of the School District and students every day in Chagrin Falls.

Students that presented include Lucas Guddy, Mae Livingston, Lucia Detweiler, Lavanya Rao, Alberta Jenkins, Maia De La Cruz, Colton Gile, Anton Kless, Scarlett Beech, and Matilda Hessman.