this is chagrin

This is Chagrin…Write the Story.

At the August 15 Chagrin Falls Schools’ staff convocation meeting, Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Penczarski revealed the 2022-23 school year there of “This is Chagrin…Write the Story.”

She said, “The work we will be doing this year centers around our school community sharing their stories and experiences to write a narrative for what we collectively believe and want for our students.  This is a perfect statement that outlines what we hope to accomplish through the strategic planning process.”

Penczarski continued, “Core values and beliefs are the foundation of strategic planning and establishing the culture of an organization.  It is what makes school a special place to learn, work, and succeed, and a school community a special place to live.  Are we ready to educate the next generation of students?  How will the story we write this year impact their story in the future?”

Throughout the school year, our students, staff, parents, and community will be encouraged to help “write the story of Chagrin Falls Schools” in numerous ways. From participating in the creation of the District’s strategic plan to actually being an author highlighting the commitment and dedication to academic excellence and preparation of our students for the world after graduation.