teachers presenting

A team of educators from Gurney Elementary School recently shared their innovative approach to student-centered learning at the Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators Conference in Columbus. Principal Rachel Jones, along with teachers Sandra Goodin, Mallory Mazzola, and Christopher Englehart, presented a workshop on empowering kindergarten through third-grade students to create their own learner profiles.

"To increase personalized learning, teachers seek to know their students' strengths, challenges, interests, and preferences," explained Jones. "If students begin to know themselves the same way, as learners, imagine their increased engagement."

The Gurney Elementary team's presentation focused on the school's unique plan and strategies for helping young learners understand themselves as students and create their own learner profiles. By encouraging students to identify their individual learning styles, strengths, and areas for growth, the approach aims to cultivate a sense of ownership and responsibility over their educational journeys.

"When students are actively involved in understanding their learning needs and preferences, they become more engaged and motivated," said Jones. "It's about empowering them to take control of their education and develop the skills they need to succeed."

The workshop provided attendees with practical tools and techniques for implementing similar initiatives in their own schools. From self-assessment activities to goal-setting exercises, the Gurney Elementary team shared their tried-and-tested methods for fostering student self-awareness and autonomy in the learning process.

"We believe that by giving students a voice in their education, we not only enhance their learning experiences but also prepare them for a lifetime of self-directed growth," added Jones.

The Gurney Elementary team's presentation was well-received by fellow educators, sparking discussions on the importance of student-centered learning and the potential benefits of incorporating learner profiles in the classroom. As the school year progresses, the team plans to continue refining and expanding their approach, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to thrive as an empowered and self-aware learner.