The Chagrin Falls School District is buzzing with innovation after a hugely successful AI in Action Contest, celebrating remarkable applications of generative artificial intelligence.  The AI in Action Contest encouraged staff to use AI in the classrooms and then report their use through a contest entry.  Over 570 entries poured in from 90 staff members, showcasing how staff members are utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) tools to enhance learning experiences for students.

From connecting with District buddies and creating conversation starters to building rubrics and producing podcasts, the applications of AI were diverse and impactful. "Our AI in Action Contest has truly showcased the ingenuity and dedication of our staff,” said Dr. Jennifer Penczarski.  “By embracing AI technology, our educators are not only enhancing learning but also setting a precedent for the future of education in Chagrin Falls to inspire all to grow and thrive."

The contest featured three distinct categories to highlight outstanding AI usage: the most frequent use, the most effective use, and the most creative use. The winners in each category were carefully selected by a panel of judges last week, with each winner receiving funds toward purchasing technology for their classroom.

Most Frequent Use: Grace McDevitt (45)

Grace McDevitt earned recognition for her frequent and innovative use of AI, demonstrating a consistent integration of technology into her teaching methods.

Most Creative Use: Libby Harrold & Mandy Marlo

Libby Harrold and Mandy Marlo were celebrated for their creative collaboration. As part of the district buddies program, Libby's class used AI to animate drawings created by Mandy's class, bringing students' artwork to life in an exciting and engaging way.

Most Effective Use: Courtney Mooney

Courtney Mooney stood out for her effective use of generative AI to create conversation starters for her Gurney Service Learning Club's visit to Hamlet. This innovative approach facilitated meaningful and engaging discussions among students.

In addition to the main awards, several individuals received honorable mentions for their creative and efficient usage of AI.

  • Ben Rose

  • Nicole Nanchoff

  • Todd Thombs

  • Kristen Boka

  • Meredith Beesing

The contest also included a special T-Shirt prize for the building that demonstrated the most AI use throughout the school year. This year's winner was Gurney Elementary, showcasing a strong commitment to embracing technology in education, even in the younger grades.

Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools’ AI In Action Contest highlights the innovative spirit of the staff and laid the groundwork for a future where AI plays a transformative role in student learning. 

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