Chagrin Falls Schools Honors Multilingual Students with Ohio Seal of Biliteracy

Chagrin Falls Schools is proud to celebrate the achievements of its multilingual students who have earned the prestigious Ohio Seal of Biliteracy. This distinction recognizes students' proficiency in two or more languages, highlighting their commitment to cultural awareness and language mastery.

Developed and implemented by the District's world language teachers, the K-12 world language program at Chagrin Falls Schools fosters language proficiency and cultural understanding from an early age. The program encourages students to develop fluency in multiple world languages, preparing them for success in an increasingly globalized world.

To earn the Ohio Seal of Biliteracy, students must demonstrate a high level of proficiency in two languages by taking a nationally normed assessment (AAPPL). They must score at an Intermediate High level or higher in all modes of the tested language, indicating their ability to effectively use their language skills in a business or professional setting.

High School World Language teachers Anita Boumitri, Lisa Fetterman, Jen Stone, and Laurie Walsh are proud to announce that the following seniors have achieved this remarkable distinction:

French: Jason Cheng, Zoe Jones, James Wilkinson

Spanish: Anna Baker, Amelia Bencko, Michael Bidar, Andrew Brackett, Lyla Breeden, Thomas Brennan, Liam Butler, John Catney, Sofia Clark, Ellie Conrad, Benjamin Cowan, Elena Goodwin, Sophie Hill, Clara Ives, Taein Kang, Chloe Moorman, Isabel Nerpouni, Sven Nielsen, Elizabeth Partain, Margaret Pease, Norah Pope, Katherine Quinn

These exceptional students wore honorary red cords at their graduation ceremony, symbolizing their commitment to language learning and cultural understanding.

The Ohio Seal of Biliteracy not only recognizes students' academic achievements but also prepares them for future success in a globalized society. Multilingual skills are highly valued in various industries, including business, diplomacy, education, and healthcare, providing graduates with a competitive edge as they pursue their chosen paths.

Chagrin Falls Schools commend these accomplished students for their dedication to language learning and celebrate their achievements as they embark on new adventures, equipped with the invaluable skills and knowledge gained through their multilingual education.