Chagrin Falls Middle School has been named the Super School Winner in the 2023-2024 Iron Giraffe Challenge, organized by Water for South Sudan. This prestigious recognition comes with an exciting reward – a video call with Salva Dut, the founder of Water for South Sudan and a celebrated philanthropist. Last spring, the current eighth graders raised more than $19,000 to win this award. They finished first out of the entire United States and 12 other countries. The school is planning the call with Salva Dut for either the end of this year or the beginning of next school year. This is the second time the Middle School has won this award and the only school that has won it twice. 

The Iron Giraffe Challenge is an annual fundraising campaign that encourages schools across the country to raise funds for the vital cause of providing access to clean water in South Sudan. Chagrin Falls Middle School's outstanding efforts and unwavering dedication to this noble cause have earned them the coveted title of Super School Winner.

The video call with Salva Dut, scheduled for a mutually convenient date and time, will provide students with a unique opportunity to interact with the man whose inspiring story has touched countless lives. Salva Dut, a former "Lost Boy" of Sudan, has dedicated his life to ensuring that communities in South Sudan have access to clean water, a basic necessity that millions still struggle to obtain.  

Through their participation year after year, the students of Chagrin Falls Middle School have not only raised funds for a worthy cause but also gained valuable lessons in empathy, compassion, and global citizenship.

The current seventh graders have launched their fundraising campaign. Donations can be given at this website: