May board meeting

The Chagrin Falls Board of Education meeting on May 15 provided a platform for several exceptional graduating seniors to showcase their remarkable projects and accomplishments. Chagrin Falls High School (CFHS) Principal Amanda Rassi and Assistant Principal Jessica Ross proudly highlighted the achievements of five outstanding students.

Rassi introduced Maggie Koehler, whose passion for journalism and media production blossomed during her time at CFHS. Starting in eighth grade, Koehler joined the newspaper club, conducted video interviews, and created the popular YouTube segment "Mondays with Maggie." Under the mentorship of media specialist Angie Jameson, Koehler persevered through the pandemic and revived the segment this year at the suggestion of high school education aide Kathleen Slusarz. "We are incredibly proud of Maggie and her commitment and dedication to this project," said Rassi. "Over the years, I have had the pleasure of watching Maggie grow and thrive, and I can say with confidence that our students, staff, and community will miss you!"

The Board also recognized Isabel Nerpouni for winning the Board of Education Art Award at the art show earlier this year. Her artwork will be on display near Sands Community Room for the entire 2024-25 school year.

Teacher Jessica Lauer commended Koehler's positive attitude and cheerful demeanor, stating, "Maggie brings joy to her senior class through her positive attitude. Always adorned with a warm smile, her cheerful demeanor creates a welcoming atmosphere that uplifts any environment she is in. Whether in the classroom or during extracurricular activities, Maggie's radiant spirit is a constant source of happiness for her peers and contributes to the overall positive vibe within the senior class."

Ross introduced three students who presented their Senior Projects, which involved internships or creative experiences at various locations, including University Hospitals, federal court, the Chagrin Documentary Film Festival, and Apex Dermatology. 

Mila Gresh interned with Hannah Bates at the Valley Art Center (VAC), gaining valuable experience under the guidance of a former CFHS long-term substitute art teacher. "We were lucky enough to have Hannah at Chagrin Falls High School at the start of the year as a long-term substitute for one of our art teachers. Hannah provided Mila with an experience at the VAC as well as her own private studio," said Ross.

Lily Deuberry and Kelsey Long collaborated with Carole Usaj to create a community garden in River Run Park, navigating real-world challenges such as working with local government, fundraising, and executing their vision from scratch. "Their mentor, Mrs. Usaj, also has ties to our district as a parent of Nick Usaj from the class of 2004 and grandparent to three current students, Sophie, Izzy, and Graham Igoe," Ross explained. "She and her husband together helped start the Lacrosse program here at Chagrin Falls many years ago."

On May 16, the seniors presented their projects during a showcase attended by guest evaluators from the Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce, as well as their faculty advisors, providing a platform to share their hard work and accomplishments.