The Chagrin Valley Rotary Club has recognized Lisa Salyers, a dedicated science teacher at Chagrin Falls High School, as the recipient of its 'Today's Teacher Award' for 2024. This annual recognition program celebrates exceptional educators from the Kenston and Chagrin Falls Exempted Village School Districts who exemplify innovation, creativity, and a commitment to academic excellence.

Salyers, who has been an integral part of the Chagrin Falls High School community for 30 years, was selected for her outstanding contributions to student learning and her unwavering dedication to fostering a love for science among her students.

"Lisa Salyers is an exceptional educator who embodies dedication, passion, and innovation in the classroom," said Principal Amanda Rassi. "Her unwavering commitment to providing authentic, engaging learning experiences through tools like the Anatomage table has transformed how students understand complex scientific concepts."

The selection committee praised Salyers for her innovative approach to teaching, which promotes intellectual inquiry, supports student understanding of individual uniqueness, and encourages enthusiasm for learning. Her ability to leverage cutting-edge technology, such as the Anatomage table, has revolutionized the teaching of anatomy and physiology, bringing abstract concepts to life in a way that traditional methods cannot match.

Salyers' commitment extends beyond the classroom, as she actively builds meaningful relationships with students and families, offering personalized support and guidance to ensure every student reaches their full potential. Her open communication with parents and guardians fosters a collaborative environment where everyone works together to support student success.

The Chagrin Valley Rotary Club's 'Today's Teacher Award' recognizes educators who promote innovative and creative student learning, contribute to improved student performance, encourage intellectual inquiry and analysis, support student understanding of individual uniqueness, reflect integrity, authenticity, and ethics, and serve as role models for students and peers.

Salyers' dedication to her craft, her commitment to academic excellence, and her ability to inspire a love for learning in her students make her a deserving recipient of this prestigious honor.

Two teachers were nominated for this award each year. John Bakalar, business teacher at Chagrin Falls High School, was the other nominee. He teaches entrepreneurship, business management, marketing and financial literacy. The past school year was a remarkable one for him and his students. He took immense pride in seeing his students gain acceptance into colleges, particularly those planning to pursue business majors. Bakalar's students showcased their skill in various business competitions, securing remarkable achievements. They emerged victorious in both the Fall and Spring Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenges and clinched the top spot in the SORA Global Stars Marketing Contest. Additionally, seven of Bakalar's students qualified for the Business Professionals of America state competition, and the school had its first thinkBIG! Finalist since 2017, further underscoring the excellence of his teaching and the students' dedication.