The Ohio Department of Education & Workforce released grant applications for districts, colleges, and educational service centers to apply for College Credit Plus (CCP) Credentialing funding to support teachers. These teachers would be provided with graduate coursework in summer 2024 through June 2025 to enable them to teach identified CCP courses in the future. All school districts across the state were identified as Tier I, II, or III districts, relative to their current level of AP and/or CCP coursework available to students. Chagrin Falls was identified as a Tier III district, with the relatively highest number of CCP and Advanced Placement (AP) course offerings available to students when compared to districts across the state. Tier III districts were determined to have the lowest priority in these grant-funded opportunities for CCP Credentialing of teachers.  

Chagrin Falls Schools decided to partner in the grant application with the Educational Service Center (ESC) of Northeast Ohio (NEO), joining a myriad of other districts from across Cuyahoga County, rather than to submit an application as a single district. Chagrin Falls Director of Curriculum and Gifted Coordinator Becky Quinn solicited interest from Chagrin Falls High School teachers in this project, gathered information to inform the grant proposal, and worked to gather teacher transcripts to determine coursework needed for CCP Credentialing. The ESC of NEO, under Nadine Grimm’s leadership, submitted this grant proposal on behalf of interested districts. This project supports teachers in accessing grant-funding for CCP Credentialing via Kent State in Math and CCP Credentialing application in English and Political Science through Ashland University.

Chagrin Falls High School math teacher, Michael DiGeronimo, recently received notice that his application for CCP Credentialing to Kent State has been accepted and that courses will be covered by the ESC CCP Credentialing grant funds. Michael commented, “This is such an amazing opportunity to grow in my field and to potentially be able to expand our CCP offering within CFHS in the future.” Chagrin Falls High School social studies teacher, John Scott, recently received notice that he would be able to access a slot for the ESC CCP Credentialing grant funds via Ashland University. John indicated, “I am so excited to become CCP Credentialed…this will grow my capacity as a teacher and support additional opportunities for our students in the future.” Chagrin Falls High School English teacher, Melanie Hoffmann, and Instructional Technology Coach, Molly Klodor, will also access ESC grant-funded CCP Credentialing via Ashland University in English. Both Melanie and Molly agreed, “We’re truly looking forward to the graduate coursework ahead!” Chagrin Falls High School Principal, Amanda Rassi, celebrated receipt of the grant funds, “Additional CCP Credentialing of our staff will help us to further personalize learning and be responsive to student needs and interests in the future.”  

Chagrin Falls Schools Director of Curriculum and Gifted Coordinator, Becky Quinn, commented, “We are so incredibly thankful for these grant funds from the Ohio Department of Education & Workforce. While the timeline to complete the CCP Credentialing coursework in this project is extremely fast-paced, our staff is rising to challenge and seizing this opportunity to grow and to possibly expand the offerings available to our students in the future.” Superintendent of Chagrin Falls Schools, Dr. Jennifer Penczarski, added, “We are excited to have four staff members interested in committing to this project and appreciate the collaboration with Kent State, Ashland University, and the ESC of NEO to make this possible.”