At Chagrin Falls Intermediate School, Bryan McKenzie's science students are taking a creative approach to prepare for the Ohio State Tests (OST). Inspired by a challenge from toy company Hasbro, the fifth graders have been tasked with designing their own educational board games focused on life science, earth science, and physical science topics.

The project, dubbed "OSTopoly," began with students surveying their favorite science units. McKenzie then divided the class into groups of three, assigning each team to develop a unique board game prototype complete with a playing board, game pieces, directions, and 20 question cards aligned with Bloom's Taxonomy.

"Hasbro noticed a decline in board game purchases among fifth graders, so they challenged our class to create fun, engaging games that also reinforce science concepts," explained McKenzie. "The students have really embraced this opportunity to apply their knowledge in an innovative way."

Over the past week, the young game designers have been hard at work crafting their prototypes using supplies like Chromebooks, science books, and art materials. Fifteen of the question cards focus on lower-level concepts, while five cards test higher-order thinking skills based on upper levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.

This past April, students had the chance to play-test all the games created by their classmates, providing valuable feedback and insights to further refine the prototypes.

"Not only does this project reinforce science learning, but it also develops creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities," McKenzie noted. "The students are incredibly excited to put their games to the test against their peers."

The "OSTopoly" challenge has ignited a passion for game design among McKenzie's fifth graders, showcasing their ingenuity and commitment to science education in a truly unique way.