Cum Laude

Chagrin Falls High School (CFHS) inducted 28 students from the Class of 2024 into the Cum Laude Society. Cum Laude Society is among the oldest academic honor organizations in the country for high school students.

The Cum Laude Society was organized by Dr. Abram W. Harris, Director of the Tome School in Maryland, in 1906. He envisioned a society modeled after the well-known Phi Beta Kappa that would encourage and recognize true scholarship. Harris believed that a student’s scholastic achievement in secondary school was as important to recognize as other accomplishments.

The society is still based on three core values that come from Ancient Greece. These are Arete, which means moral goodness and living up to one’s potential; Dike, which is the concept of justice; and Time, which relates to being true to what is right and acting with honor.

The Cum Laude Society has 382 chapters throughout the United States, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Canada, England, France, and Spain. Approximately 4,000 new student members are inducted each year and up to 20% of the senior class may be inducted.

Chagrin Falls High School Class of 2024 Inductees include Anna Baker, Amelia Bencko, Shlok Bhattacharya, Thomas Brennan, Liam Butler, Aiden Cabic, Jason Cheng, Alex Chinnici, Sofia Clark, Elena Goodwin, Sophie Hill, Samantha Holtz, Clara Ives, Taein Kang, Riley McClintock, Shannon McElhinney, Kelly Meador, Alessandra Mitchell, Natalie Nemunaitis, Isabel Nerpouni, Sven Nielsen, Margaret Oliver, Norah Pope, Julia Richard, Nicholas Rohde, Alexandra Scharpf, James Wilkinson and Tatum Yanchar.