The team "Bonds R Boring" from Chagrin Falls High School claimed first place and a $500 cash prize at the Junior Achievement Spring Stock Market Challenge. Led by Griffin Laws, Will Asplin, Eliot Rogers, and Anna Topel, the talented students also secured a spot to compete at the national level. 

After beginning the competition with $1,000,000 to invest, the final value of their portfolio holdings was $1,568,972.62 for a 56.8% rate of return and their margin for winning at over 15% from the 2nd Place team from Polaris Career Center who had a rate of return of 41.0%.

This remarkable achievement marks the second time this school year that Chagrin Falls has produced champions in the Stock Market Challenge, establishing the school as a powerhouse in financial literacy competitions.

"I'm incredibly proud of our students' performance," said John Bakalar, business teacher at Chagrin Falls High School. "Their success is a testament to their hard work, strategic thinking, and understanding of market dynamics."

The Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge is a highly competitive event that tests students' skills in managing a virtual investment portfolio. Participants must analyze market trends, assess risks, and make informed decisions to maximize their returns..

"Bonds R Boring" outperformed numerous other teams from across the region, showcasing their exceptional financial acumen and ability to navigate the complexities of the stock market. This event featured 12 Northeast Ohio High Schools and approximately 200 from Benedictine, Hathaway Brown, iSTEM, Polaris Career Institute, Northern Career Institute, Rhodes, St. Ed’s, Harvey, Westlake, and Willoughby South

With their first-place finish, the Chagrin Falls team has earned the opportunity to represent their school and the state of Ohio at the national level, where they will compete against the best student investors from across the country.

"We are thrilled to have qualified for the national competition," said team member Griffin Laws. "It's a testament to the quality of education and support we receive at Chagrin Falls High School."

The team's success highlights the importance of financial literacy education and the value of hands-on learning experiences like the Stock Market Challenge. By participating in such events, students gain invaluable skills in critical thinking, decision-making, and risk management – essential tools for success in the real world.

As the national competition approaches, "Bonds R Boring" will continue to hone their strategies and prepare for the ultimate test of their financial prowess. Chagrin Falls High School and the entire community stand behind them, eager to witness their continued success on the national stage.