On Saturday, April 20, Chagrin Falls Schools played a vital role in the regional School Bus Driver Safety Road-e-o, providing buses and personnel to support the event. While Marc Jacobson, a bus driver for the district, served as a judge, his colleague Roger Rodhe showcased his exceptional bus driving skills and earned the opportunity to compete at the state-level competition.

The School Bus Driver Safety Road-e-o is an annual event that tests the expertise and proficiency of school bus drivers from across the state. Participants are evaluated on various aspects of their driving abilities, including skills tests, written exams, and pre-trip inspections.

Chagrin Falls Schools' contribution to the regional Road-e-o extended beyond providing buses for the competition. Marc Jacobson, a bus driver with the district, lent his expertise as a judge, ensuring that the participants were fairly assessed and that safety standards were upheld.

Meanwhile, Roger Rodhe, another dedicated bus driver with Chagrin Falls, demonstrated his exceptional driving skills and knowledge, placed 6th overall and is advancing to the state-level School Bus Driver Safety Road-e-o, in Columbus.  

"We are proud of Roger's achievement, and Marc’s commitment to serve at the Road-e-o" said Mike Morgan, transportation supervisor for Chagrin Falls Schools. "Their contribution at the Road-e-o is just a small example of their commitment to our students and community each and every day and mirrors the district's commitment to safety and the high caliber of our transportation staff."

The School Bus Driver Safety Road-e-o not only serves as a platform for recognizing the skills and dedication of bus drivers but also highlights the critical role they play in ensuring the safety and well-being of students during their daily commutes.