On March 6, the Northeast Region of the Ohio Middle Level Association continued the tradition of hosting a Breakfast of Champions in Independence, Ohio to honor some of the finest students for their character, leadership, scholarship and service.

Two students from Chagrin Falls were recognized, eighth grader Lauren Eickhoff and seventh grader Ally Johnson.  Each student attended with their parents and the principal, Laila Discenza.

Lauren Eickhoff is always prepared, highly engaged in all discussions and contributes thought-provoking ideas in all classes. She consistently makes everyone feel included, so much so, she was dominated as Tiger TrailBlazer for her inclusivity towards others. Lauren displays service as a Girl Scout and enjoys giving back to her community. Lauren also displays great scholarship in all her coursework. She maintains excellent marks and has been on the Straight A 4.0 GPA list.  Lauren possesses a genuine enthusiasm for growth and learning and her leadership draws out the best in classmates.  She has an eagerness to understand and earnestly attempts to work beyond expectations.  Her kindness and positive disposition place her classmates at ease and help increase productivity.   This is evident in her activities, such as with the School Newspaper and Middle School Book Club. Also, Lauren is the only student in the middle school to become gold star certified on all the equipment available in the Creation Lab and is always there to help her peers learn how to operate the equipment. 

Ally Johnson demonstrates strength of character in the way she treats her peers with kindness and respect.  She consistently attends to details and strives for excellence in all of her endeavors.  Ally's authentic approach earns the respect of her peers and adults alike. Ally is an exceptional music student, a fine violinist, and a dedicated academic student. Her work and preparation for classes is always at the highest level. Ally has been a leader in her classes and on the volleyball court. She motivates and encourages her classmates and teammates to perform at their very best.

She is also very personable and collaborates well with students and staff. She truly is the kind of person that anyone would want to be around or work with. Ally is an ‘A’ student and a leader in the Principal Advisory Council and Student Council, where her servant skills help with school reform, social events, and community projects.