The ODEW (Ohio Department of Education and Workforce Readiness, previously known as the Ohio Department of Education) recently released its 2023 Gifted Rankings relative to the state report cards. The Department ranks traditional school districts, community schools and STEM schools across the state based upon the opportunities for, and performance of, students identified as gifted. This calculation measures opportunities for and performance of gifted students. This ranking includes several components: the percent of all students in the district that are identified as gifted, the percent of students identified as gifted that receive gifted services, the percent of all students in the district that receive gifted services, the Performance Index for gifted students, and the Value-Added Gifted measure from the district report cards. Based upon the average of rankings in Gifted Input Points, Gifted Performance Index, and Gifted Value-Added, the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools District placed 2nd in the state of Ohio in these 2023 rankings.  The district was ranked 6th in the state in 2022.

The Gifted Input Points are a weighted average of the percent of all of a district’s students identified as gifted: the percent of students identified as gifted who receive gifted services; and the percent of all district students who receive gifted services. Weights for the percentages are based on the relative size of each of the components at the district level. Each district or school has a different amount of input points possible depending on enrollment. The points earned are divided by the points possible in order to create a comparable percentage for each organization that then factors into the ranking.

The Performance Index is a calculation that measures student test performance on 3-8 English language arts, math, and science, Algebra I, Geometry, Integrated Math I, Integrated Math II, ELA II, American History, American Government, Biology.

Value-Added is a growth measurement that assesses a district’s impact on student progress from year to year.  

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