​  Chagrin Falls High School Speech and Debate Team Earns Significant Recognition from National Association

Chagrin Falls High School’s Speech and Debate Team has earned significant recognition from the National Speech & Debate Association for the 2022-23 school year.  Students earn Honor Society points and degrees based on competition, leadership, and service activities which contribute to a school’s strength points.  Because of CFHS’s chapter achieving 132 or more strength points last year, they earned membership in the National Association’s prestigious 100 Club. 

“Your Club Award is remarkable because it demonstrates outstanding commitment to teaching students essential life skills…including communication, research, listening, writing and organization,” said Executive Director J. Scott Wunn, National Speech & Debate Association.  “The hard work you have invested to achieve this distinction will pay dividends for years to come.  The National Speech & Debate Association commends your leadership of an active speech and debate program.  Because of you, students are learning to harness the power of words to shape their worlds.”