Chagrin Falls High School Among The Top High Schools in Area

Chagrin Falls High School (CFHS) is once again among the top public high schools in Ohio according to the U.S. News and World Report’s Best High Schools ranking released on August 29, 2023. 

CFHS ranks No. 3 among 146 high schools in the area and No. 16 among 741 high schools in the State of Ohio, placing it in the top 2.2% of public high schools statewide. Nationally, CFHS ranks No. 416 among the approximately 17,680 public high schools who were ranked across the nation of the approximately 25,000 public high schools (placing it in the top 2.4% of public high schools nationally). 

The ranking is based on five criteria with the weight of each criteria given a certain percentage and all five criteria totaling 100 percent. These criteria include 

  • Proficiency on state-required tests (20 percent)

  • Performance on state-required tests (20 percent)

  • Performance of underserved students, such as minorities and those from low-income households (20 percent)

  • How well students are prepared for college (30 percent)

  • Graduation rate (10 percent). 

Two factors in these rankings, college readiness (30%) and college curriculum breadth (10%) were from 12th graders who took or earned qualifying scores on AP (Advanced Placement) exams as well as the number of AP exams they tested in. Over the past year, there was a decline of 166 students taking AP courses because of an increase in enrollment in the three College Credit Plus (CCP) courses offered at Chagrin Falls High School. This impacted the school’s ranking this year.  CFHS’s mean AP exam score actually has been increasing over the past three years– 2023 (3.31), 2022 (3.26), 2021 (3.2).

A detailed report of CFHS’s ranking provided by U.S. New and World Report can be found at