Gurney Elementary School Staff Recognized for Being Named 2023 Hall of Fame School

In April of this year, Gurney Elementary School was distinguished as a 2023 Hall of Fame School by the Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators. This recognition isn't just an accolade to be displayed but a testament to the tireless work, the late nights, the belief in every child's potential, and the relentless drive for excellence.

“To the teachers of Gurney Elementary, your efforts have transcended beyond the walls of the classroom,” said Superintendent Jennifer Penczarski at the August 21 staff convocation meeting.  “Your ability to CONNECT with each child, to recognize their unique strengths, challenges, and aspirations, is commendable. Your approach to teaching is a testament to the power of positive relationships, where academic achievement stems from genuine care and commitment.”

The role of the support staff at Gurney has been instrumental in shaping this achievement. By providing the environment to CREATE, the staff has ensured that resources, mentorships, and opportunities are never a limiting factor for the teachers and their aspirations for their students.

“To the principals and leadership who support Gurney Elementary, your vision has been the guiding light,” said Penczarski.  “Your commitment to CHALLENGE norms, set high standards, and foster an environment of growth and innovation is what made this recognition possible.  You inspire all to grow and thrive.”

“In celebrating Gurney Elementary's success, we're not just applauding their accomplishment, but we're recognizing the potential that lies within each of us, within every classroom, corridor, and corner of our District,” concluded Penczarski.