These instructions are for NEW NON-Chagrin students accepted into the Performing Arts Excel TECC program.

*** Excel TECC Online Registration DEADLINE IS MAY 17, 2024 ***

This Chagrin Falls Infinite Campus Online Registration must be completed in order for your student to be scheduled to their Performing Arts Excel TECC Program.

These instructions are for NON-Chagrin students who have been accepted into the

Performing Arts Excel TECC program.

This Online Registration provides Chagrin Falls with student contact information and preferences as well as Parent Portal access in Infinite Campus.

ExcelTecc Registration


  • The registration process takes approximately 20 minutes. 

  • Please be careful of spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. 

  • Each section must be completed in order; you will not be able to skip from one part to another.  

  • You must click Next to move on to the next section of a screen or Save/Continue to move to the next screen.  You will be unable to Save/Continue to the next screen until you have completed all of the sections on the current screen.  Doing this before you have completed the screen will result in multiple error messages.

  • Once you submit your application, you will not be able to make any changes.  Please be sure all documents (such as those for medications/medical conditions) have been uploaded before submitting.

  • Suggested Web Browsers are Edge, Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. For best results, handheld devices (phone/tablet/iPad) are not recommended. 

  • All required fields with a red asterisk * must be completed for each section. 

  • Your Infinite Campus Parent Portal login information will be provided in your email when registration is approved.  If your home district also uses Infinite Campus, this will be a separate login.


  • From our website, NON-Chagrin Performing Arts students can access the Online Registration:

    • Click on MENU > select Register/Withdraw a Student > select icon “Excel TECC Registration” > select icon “Excel Tecc Registration” or the link at the bottom of the page

    • Enter Parent/Guardian name & email. 

    • Type in the letters displayed in the image. 

    • Click BEGIN REGISTRATION. An email will be sent to the entered email address. 

    • Open your email from SAVE this email!!! Do NOT Delete it!! After you enter your name and contact information, you can exit online registration (OLR) and return at any time. Use this email with the provided link to return to your application to finish the process. 

    • Click the link at the bottom of the email and select BEGIN. 

Please enter each parent/guardian’s Demographic & Contact information. ALL guardians with legal rights to the student and school information must be listed here. Click ADD NEW PARENT/GUARDIAN. 

It is required to have at least 2 emergency contacts and CANNOT be a parent/guardian. Address information is not required, but helpful. In case of an emergency, if we are unable to reach you, these contacts will be called in the sequence that you select in the Student Entry section of this application. 



  • Enter the student’s LEGAL name as it appears on the Birth Certificate. If your student has two last names, please enter both in the box marked “last name” - Enter without a dash in between. 

  • Pupil Services: Answer accordingly, but no documents are needed for Non-Chagrin students. 

  • Custodial / Residential Parent: Answer accordingly and upload any custody documents with information regarding sharing of school information with parents/guardians.

  • Relationships (Parent/Guardian and Emergency Contacts): Be sure to select the appropriate relationship for each person. For Guardians only - to receive important school information through mailings, email or phone, the Mailing/Portal/Messenger boxes must be checked. 

  • Medical Conditions, History, Medications, Emergency Medical Authorization:

    • Enter any health conditions 

    • Enter any medications. Medication forms are required.

    • Select permission granted or denied to transport this student to a nearby hospital.

  • Acknowledge each Release Agreement and select appropriately. 

  • Sign the application to authenticate all the information is true (click and drag mouse). 

  • Enter the date you are submitting the application.

  • Click SUBMIT in order to complete the application.  Your application is not complete until you do so.

Additional Information

  • If you need to add another new student, click the ADD NEW STUDENT and continue with the same process. 

  • Click SAVE/CONTINUE – to see a summary of what you entered, click the Application Summary PDF. 

  • Click SUBMIT in order to complete the application.  Your application is not complete until you do so.

You will receive an email whether the application is on Hold, Denied, or Approved within 5-7 business days. Once approved and the student is enrolled in the system, the school will contact you with more information. 

**IMPORTANT** In the approval email, it will contain the Activation Code for your IC Parent Portal Login. Please follow the instructions in the email to create your Parent Portal Login to access your student’s information and to keep all demographics and household information up to date. New students’ information on the portal will show on their first day of school. For help with your IC login, email:

If you need further assistance, please contact our Registrar at (440) 247-4346 (or email 

If you are ready to begin the registration, click the appropriate link below to access the Online Registration. 


ExcelTecc Registration Link