Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year at Chagrin Falls Intermediate School.  We feel very lucky to get to work with both you and your child throughout this year!  I would like to take this opportunity to provide you with information for our student orientation that will take place on Wednesday, August 17th.  We will host two different orientation time blocks.  Each orientation is set up to last about an hour.  Please do your best to be on time.     

The purpose of this orientation is to allow students and teachers an opportunity to meet one another and connect  before the year begins.  Additionally, our teachers will help students understand exactly what’s needed for the first days of school.  Teachers will also review our general positive behavioral supports (PBIS) for our building.  Your child should also bring their supplies so that they are here before the first day.  

Although informal, we ask that only students attend this orientation.  Families will have an opportunity to personally connect with teaching staff during our beginning of year conferences.  We have a few options for drop off and pick up.   

  • Option 1:  You can walk with your child to and/or from the orientation.

  • Option 2:  You can drop your child off and then return to pick them up an hour later.  

  • Option 3:  You can drop your child and park in one of your empty parking spots and wait for your child.  

Which Orientation Time Slot Does My Child Attend:  

  • If your child’s last name begins with A-L they should attend our 10:00-11:00 time slot on August 17th.  

  • If your child’s last name begins with M-Z they should attend our 1:30-2:30 time slot on August 17th.  

We’re looking forward to meeting your child during their scheduled orientation time!  If you have any questions leading up to our time together, please feel free to contact me with any questions.  We’ll work as a team, always!