Driving/Parking Information

Student Parking Permit Registration Form (2024-2025)

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Driving is a privilege. A driver’s license gives you a certain level of freedom, but it also gives you an enormous amount of responsibility. When behind the wheel this responsibility comes in many forms:

  • Wearing safety belt

  • Focusing on the road

  • Driving defensively

  • Driving sober 

Parking / Car Registration Guidelines

  1. Driving to school is a privilege and all students' cars or motorbikes must be registered.  There is a charge for each vehicle registered.  A student who fails to register his/her vehicle will be subject to disciplinary action.

  2. Parking is available in designated areas.  Violators may have vehicle immobilization devices put on their vehicles wheel.  This device will be removed as a warning once at the end of the day, and then subsequent violations will require a parent/guardian to be present for removal of wheel lock.  The vehicle immobilization device can be used because of parking outside of a spot, in the wrong lot, or lack of a parking permit displayed.

  3. Safety must be of utmost concern for all students driving on school grounds. A student who drives at excessive speeds or violates common safety rules will have his/her parking privileges suspended.  Cooperation in this matter of safety is absolutely necessary!

  4. Off-street vehicles are not to be driven or ridden on the school grounds during school hours.  Also, no licensed motorbikes or cycles are to be ridden on the school grounds except on the regular roadway and in the parking lots.

  5. Parking privileges will be revoked for students leaving campus without permission during school hours, and if the student fails to act responsibly and abide by school rules.

  6. With reasonable suspicion, the school administration reserves the right to search a student’s car on school property or at a school activity, with or without the cooperation of the student. Items in a student’s car are deemed to be in the possession of the student.


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