Chagrin Falls Intermediate School is proud to announce the April Students of the Month

Tiger of Month is for students who show consistent behaviors. This doesn't mean the student has to be the best behaved or have the highest grades. This award is for the student who continually tries to do their best. They may make mistakes but are approaching their school experience with a "YET" mindset.

Congratulations to the following students: Arthur Doyle, Katie Fox, JJ Nightwine, Henry Brandenburg, Miles Mayer, Austin Brent, Roanin Medina, Jack Bundy, Zayne Hamid, Jacob Kumins, Gus Purnhagen, Nolan Schultz, Grace Pelsozy, Sophia Ford, Dima Rybak, Lyric Medina, Addison Sprenger, Drake Brindo and RJ Gallucci.