Flexible Learning

Flexible Learning Experiences

Goal: By June 2019, every student will be provided a personalized learning experience exceeding college readiness standards.


  1. A shared understanding of the concept of personalized learning will be defined and communicated by the district.
  1. Develop system tools to guide educators and parents in supporting students along learning pathways as students progress towards a personalized learning plan.
  1. The district will develop mastery-based content and skills for each course and provide support through blended learning, project based learning, capstone projects, internships, and one-to-one computing.
  1. The district will develop the concept of personal learning pathways to provide more student choice.
  1. Instructional practices by teachers and teacher-based teams will increase instructional approaches that promote personalized learning.
  1. The district will research and implement schedules at each school that promotes flexible learning.
  1. Training on personalized learning techniques and approaches including tailoring resources, instruction, and assessment to meet individual ability and achievement levels, interests, strengths, learning preferences and styles will be prioritized and scheduled into a district’s professional development plan.
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