Facility Master Planning Committee

Chair: Christopher Woofter, Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives

Board Representatives: Kathryn Garvey, Sharon Broz

Members:  Pete Snavely, Phil Koepf, George Clemens

The purpose of the Facilities Master Planning Committee is to evaluate the capital improvement needs of the District and to make recommendations to the Board through the Superintendent and Board Capital Planning Committee on a comprehensive facility plan that is educationally sound, fiscally responsible and capable of garnering broad community support. The committee reviews, analyzes, amends, updates, and prioritizes facility projects and makes recommendations on timing and funding those projects over the next five to fifteen years in the District’s Facilities Master Plan.  This committee is convened approximately every five years and meets for a period of 6-8 months to update the Facilities Master Plan.  In addition to members from the Board and administration, this committee also includes members of the community with professional knowledge in the areas of facility management, architecture and/or construction.
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