Board Capital Planning Committee

Chair: Kathryn Garvey

Board Representatives: Kathryn Garvey, Lori Bendall

Members: Kathryn Garvey, Lori Bendall, Dr. Jennifer Penczarski, Superintendent, Ashley Brudno, Treasurer, Chris Woofter, Director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives, James Nace, Frank Aucremanne, Executive Director for Real Estate, Planning, Design, Construction, Facility Operations and Maintenance for the Cleveland Clinic Health System

The purpose of the Capital Planning Committee is to evaluate and make recommendations alongside the Superintendent and Treasurer to the Board on issues related to facilities and grounds management, including budgeting and planning for ongoing regular maintenance as well as short and long-term capital improvements.  The Committee oversees the development and implementation of a Facility Improvement Plan (FIP) that aligns the District’s repair and maintenance, as well as facility improvement priorities with the annual and 5-year budgets. The Committee reviews the operating and capital budgets of the District to ensure resources are adequate and appropriately allocated to support the facility needs of District regarding maintenance, repair, replacement, and operations as detailed in the FIP.  Recommendations include plans for addressing deferred maintenance as well as annual routine maintenance needs.  This committee meets quarterly or more often as needed.  

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