Board of Education Liaisons

Annually the President of the Chagrin Falls Board of Education appoints a member to serve as a liaison to select District support organizations and community organizations. Board members provide a bridge between these organizations and the broader Board through regular communication and frequent attendance at meetings and by updating the Board of Education on the ongoing work of these organizations as it impacts the District.


Support Organization Liaisons

Chagrin Falls Alumni Association (CFAA):  Kathryn Garvey

Chagrin Falls Booster Club:  Phil Rankin

Chagrin Falls Dads’ Club:  Phil Rankin

Chagrin Falls Educational Foundation (CFEF):  Kathryn Garvey

Chagrin Falls Music Lovers:  Sharon Broz

Chagrin Falls PTO:  Mary Kay O'Toole

Chagrin Falls Spark:  Sharon Broz

Chagrin Falls Tiger Prep:  Lori Bendall


Community & OSBA Liaisons

Chagrin Athletic Association (CAA):  Phil Rankin

Chagrin Soccer Association (CSA):  Phil Rankin 

Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce (CVCC):  Lori Bendall

Chagrin Valley Rec Center (CVRC):  Sharon Broz

Safe Routes Chagrin Schools:  Kathryn Garvey

Village of Bainbridge:  Phil Rankin

Village of Bentleyville:  Sharon Broz

Village of Chagrin Falls:  Phil Rankin

Village of Moreland Hills:  Sharon Broz

Village of South Russell:  Mary Kay O'Toole

Ohio School Board Association (OSBA):  Phil Rankin 

     Student Achievement & Legislative Liaison 


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