Board Committees


The Chagrin Falls Exempted Village School District utilizes both Board and Administrative Committees to conduct analysis, provide information and make recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of the decision-making process and support District governance.  In addition to members of the Board and administration, these committees may include staff, consultants, parents, community members and even students, when appropriate. In-depth committee work provides a greater opportunity for the Board, administration, staff and members of the community to collaborate on the work of the District.  Serving in an advisory capacity, these committees make recommendations for Board action.

The Board utilizes Board Committees to partition and efficiently manage the work of governing, expediting the Board’s ability to deliberate and act on agenda items during regular Board meetings.  Board Committees not only facilitate work, they also utilize the specific talents and knowledge of Board members, provide an opportunity to learn more detail, and may permit broader input from the community and experts in the field of study.  Board Committee meetings are open to the public and are chaired by a member of the Board of Education. The Open Meetings Act (Sunshine Laws) and its exceptions apply to Board Committee meetings. The description of each committee below includes the appointed chairperson, public notice of the meeting locations and times, as well as agendas and minutes.

The Superintendent utilizes Advisory Committees for the purposes of obtaining the advice and counsel of administrative and supervisory personnel of the District, experts and consultants, and community members and of aiding in District communication.  These committees focus on project specific work and function in an advisory capacity, making recommendations for submission to the Board through the Superintendent. The Superintendent appoints the chair and defines membership and responsibilities of Administrative Committees.

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