Student Health Service strives to educate and empower families to take charge and control of this condition through education, prevention, monitoring and treatment.  For more comprehensive information, please see Lice Information for Parents resource download.

  • Lice, while a nuisance, do not cause disease.
  • Children between 3-11 yrs old are most likely to be effected.
  • Lice do not fly, nor jump - they can only crawl.
  • Lice are passed by direct personal contact (head to head), and to a much lesser extent, by transference via brushes, helmets, etc.
  • Lice are often transmitted at parties, play dates, sleepovers, camp, etc.
  • Assess your child(ren's) hair on a routine basis, and especially after camps, sleepovers and play dates.  Checks should be done year-round, as lice are most prevalent during the summer months.
A good video for how check for lice & nits - HOW TO CHECK FOR LICE


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