Technology Committee

Chair: Mike Daugherty, Dir. of Technology

Board Representatives: Greg Kanzinger, Sharon Broz

Members: Angie Jameson, Brooke Campbell, Emily Beal, Kelly Purcell, Brian Ritz, Katie Adick, Nancy Kevern, Adrian Rus,  Monica Asher, Amanda Rassi, Laila Discenza, Sarah Read, Curtis Howell, Rachel Jones, Robert Hunt, Laurie McCormack, Stephanie Grady, Matthew Thurman, Clarke Smith, Renee Martinez, Jesse Weinberger, Sebastian Holst, Nic Copley, Tori Hallwachs, Nicholas DiSanto


The purpose of the Technology Committee is to review and provide input into the District master technology plan as well as review and provide recommendations on policies related to technology and major technology initiatives.  In addition to members from the Board and administration, this committee also includes students,  staff members and community members with expertise in the area of technology.  
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