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Welcome to the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools Registration

and Student / Family Information Update Page!

Chagrin Falls Schools offers Centralized Registration through the Pupil Services Office.

To register your child in the district you will need to complete the forms online using Final Forms.  Start by clicking this link and creating a parent account.  After you have created and verified your account, you can begin the restration process by adding your student to your account inside of Final Forms. Registrations will be done by appointment.   All forms MUST BE COMPLETED online prior to making an appointment.  Appointments can be scheduled by calling 440-247-4346 or emailing Angel.James@chagrinschools.org.  Only a Legal Parent or Guardian may register a student.  The following documents will be required to complete the registration process:

1.    Photo ID of Legal Parent/Guardian

2.    Original Birth Certificate of child being enrolled

3.    Legal Documentation of ANY custody issues. (If there has been a divorce in the family the LEGAL documentation must be presented for guardianship details)

4.    TWO proofs of residency must be presented of legal parent/guardian own their home (i.e., utility bill, tax statement, mortgage coupon, etc.).  If legal parent/guardian are renting a signed lease agreement with an occupancy date must be presented along with the TWO proofs of residency listed above.

5.    Immunization records MUST be provided at the appointment.  If parent/guardian need to request these records from the child physician please have them faxed or emailed to: 440-247-5883 or Angel.James@chagrinschools.org.

6.    Previous school records (i.e., transcripts, most current report card, testing records etc.) must be provided.  If a parent/guardian cannot provide all records at the registration appointment a signed record release (included in registration packet) should be emailed or faxed to the Pupil Services Office prior to the appointment for scheduling purposes. 

7.    If a student is transferring from another district a copy of the withdraw notification must be provided to the Chagrin Falls District.

8.    If student is NOT a legal US resident a Passport and VISA documents MUST be presented

Chagrin Falls Schools offers Centralized Student Withdrawals through the Pupil Services Office

To withdraw your child(ren) from the district you will need to print the Withdrawal Form using the link provided.  All forwarding information MUST be provided to the Chagrin Falls District for State Reporting.  Failure to provide this information may delay your enrollment into another school district.  

The following documentation will be required:

1.    Photo ID of Legal Parent/Guardian making the withdraw request

2.    Withdrawal Form (must be completely filled out).  If a family is withdrawing from the district ONE form may be completed for the entire family.

Change in Residency within the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village School District or

Student or Parent Demographic Information may be changed/updated using the links provided.


All changes MUST be made through the Pupil Services office.  Proper documentation must be submitted with these forms as indicated on the documents. 
Parents/guardians are required to sign a "Statement of Understanding” acknowledging that their residence is within Chagrin Falls Exempted Village School boundaries and that the student being enrolled is not expelled from another school district.  All court documents pertaining to custody or residency have been provided, and agreeing to inform the district immediately if any custody or residency changes occur.  Children found to be attending school in defiance of the residency conditions are to be removed from the school district rosters and not to be permitted to continue to attend in the district.  The District reserves the right to charge tuition for student attendance in violation of the residency requirement. 


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