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Ms. Johnson

Welcome to Mrs. Johnson's Language Arts class! Hopefully you will find this class to be a fun and challenging adventure in broadening your reading, writing, and communication skills.
This portion of the course will involve reading novels, short stories, poetry, plays, articles, and other literature.  Students will read one required novel per quarter, exposing them to Mythology, British Literature, Nonfiction, and Science Fiction.    Please see the attached reading list for book titles that will be read. 
"Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body"  
Please note that you should always have an O.R. (Outside Reading) book.  Please bring it to class daily.  You must complete at least one O.R. book each semester.  
Students will be focusing on narrative, argumentative, and research writing this year.  They will also write poetry, responses to literature, and other essay formats (i.e. cause/ effect, compare/ contrast problem/ solution, summaries...) For our three large writing assignments, students will be required to use the Write Place for feedback and suggestions. 
In the area of grammar, students are learning the parts of speech, parts of a sentence, types of sentences, comma placement, and other grammar rules.  
Students can expect a weekly quiz on Friday over stems and the grammar concept of the week.  Pay attention during warm-ups every day to master your grammar!!   Students can also expect a quarterly Unit test.  
I look forward to working with each of you!

Mrs. Johnson

Mrs. Johnson
Teacher- 7th Grade English
Middle School
(440) 893-7695 ext. 4329
Bowling Green State University (Bachelor's degree) 
Ashland University (Master's Degree in Literacy) 
Teaching Experience:
14 Years in Chagrin Falls  



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