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Ms. Fenton

7-12 Spring Art Show at Hamlet - To Be Announced
7pm-9pm, AWARDS @ 8pm

Because students work at different paces, art projects are not counted late or docked points. Due dates in art are meant to keep the students on track with time management. If a student is falling behind or knows they have a planned absence , it is their responsibility to either: come in during W.I.N. on Thursdays, come in before school, or take supplies home to work on project.

Please, frequently check infinite campus to see if your child is missing projects.

Each art project is designed to be able to start the next project at home if the student is falling behind. Mock ups for each project are on 8.5 x 11 paper to fit in student’s homework folder.

There is
ALWAYS opportunity of EXTRA CREDIT.
The link to the sketchbook list in located on website. 
**All Artwork needs to be turned in by the last day of the grading period. (End of 9 weeks)
OR it will be marked as a Zero.
In replace of final project,  Students may due an alternate project:
**Students must still turn in mock ups for final project plus:
Write a 3 page paper on an artist of your choice AND create a piece of artwork
1. Your paper must be typed
2. Your paper must include: 
    - Why you chose that artist, history on the artist, and  the artists body of work.
3. IN addition to your paper, you also need to include a piece of artwork  done by you. 
    - Your artwork needs to be influenced by the artist you chose.
       (Artwork needs to be at least 8x10) 
7th Grade Art
8th Grade Art
Computer Graphics
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