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Fourth Grade: Energy: Collisions – Through the example of the bumper cars, students are introduced to energy transfer and conversion in collisions. The students will apply new skills and knowledge to solve a design problem where they are asked to design and build a restraint system to protect a passenger in a vehicle collision. The passenger will be represented by an egg. The vehicle will roll down an inclined plane and collide with a solid object such as a wall.

Students explore how mechanisms change energy by transferring direction, speed, type of movement, and force. Students discover a variety of ways that potential energy can be stored and released as kinetic energy. Citing evidence, students explain the relationship between the speed of an object and the energy of that object. They also predict the transfer of energy as a result of a collision between two objects. As students solve the problem for this module, they will apply their knowledge and skills related to energy transfer in collisions to develop a vehicle restraint system.

Fifth Grade: Energy Conversion - Energy, and the conversion of energy to different forms, is all around you. Many of the devices we use every day convert electricity to usable forms of energy such as light and heat. Students will learn about this conversion of energy as well as the conversion of a variety of fuel sources from stored energy to usable electrical energy.

First, students review concepts of potential and kinetic energy. Next, students learn about forms of energy including thermal, light, nuclear, chemical, electrical, and mechanical. Students then learn about the conversion of energy between forms and the energy transfer required to move energy from place to place.

After students have explored energy conversion and transfer, they are presented with a design problem involving moving large amounts of donated food from a truck to a food pantry.

Sixth Grade: Robotics and Automation – Students explore robotic history and learn more about a particular type of robot. The activities and projects in this module will develop skills and knowledge associated with robotics and the use of VEX® IQ equipment.

Students learn about the use of robots in the clean up after a natural disaster at a nuclear plant. In this design problem, students will work with a group to design, model, and test a robot that can remove hazardous materials from a disaster site. 

 STRETCH Students become local historians who will create digital stories based on the history of a Chagrin Falls Village building of their choosing. Working in small groups, students will research the history of their chosen building, create a storyboard and write the script for their digital story all of which will be placed on a QR reader. The finished presentation will be placed on a plate on or near the building for the public to enjoy.
We will take frequent trips to the Chagrin Falls Historical Society to research the history of the buildings and conduct interviews of key people associated with the business or building.


Mr. Dole's Contact Information

Mr. Dole's Contact Information
Gary D. Dole
Gifted Intervention Specialist

Chagrin Falls Intermediate School
77 East Washington Street
Chagrin Falls, OH  44022

440.893.7690 extension 4220



There are no homework assignments associated with PLTW!  
There may be some visits or collaboration with students, community members and me, but no formal homework assignments with STRETCH!

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