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Facilities Progress

August 2018 Update

August 7, 2018

Progress continues on the construction of Chagrin Falls Intermediate School.  The project is on schedule and we anticipate to be ready to open for students and staff in August 2019.  This past year, we completed the design process, demolition, site excavation and foundations. Currently, the main steel structure of the new building section is visible.  Concrete slabs and floors will be poured soon and the exterior building enclosure is slated to occur in the next few months.

Overall, this future home for students in grades 4-6 is taking shape and we are excited and certainly grateful for the communities support with this important endeavor.  We would encourage you to follow progress by following #CFConstruct on social media or going to our construction tab on the District website: http://www.chagrinschools.org/Construction.aspx.  We look forward to the completion of this dynamic space that will meet the educational needs of students while serving as a gathering place for our community.

Summer 2018 Update

Over the summer months contractors will be pouring foundations, strengthening footings, placing steel columns, developing the steel super structure, and pouring concrete slabs for the building.  The construction continues on schedule  for the project.  The district is grateful for the overall support from community.
Check out our ongoing updates page for pictures of the demolition and construction over the last few months.  

Update: Feb 5th, 2018

Updated Renderings & Site/Floor Plans - February 2018

December 7, 2017 Update
At the recent Board of Education meeting on December 11, 2017 our district architectural firm, Stantec presented an updated site plan, floor plans, and renderings.  The images from this update can be found in a presentation format here:
Update from May 2017
Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools is very grateful to the community for passage of the bond issue on May 2, 2017. This bond will allow for the renovation and new construction of the current Intermediate School at 77 E. Washington. It will also allow for a temporary school to be constructed on the current 7-12 Campus. Intermediate School classes will be held at this location for next two school years.
This presentation is designed to provide a basic update to parents of incoming Intermediate School students. It covers the basic information regarding the logistics and programming of the temporary school. We believe this presentation should answer most general questions and provide some photos and video that will be helpful to understand what the potential school will look like.

View the presentation
View text-based website