Clubs & Activities

Clubs & Activities


Main office 440/ 893-7695  plus extension 
It is important to join a club while in middle school.  You can make new friends, build teamwork, learn real world skills and new knowledge, practice something you are passionate about and gain self-confidence!
Many students are involved in lots of activities, therefore the clubs and activities are offered mutliple days at varying times in order for you to try new things, identify interests and be a part of something amazing!
 Book Club- Mrs. Jameson ext. 4318 and Mr. Patterson ext. 4307
Students in grades 7 and 8 are welcome to join the middle school book club.  Students will gather during WIN when possible as well as during lunch/recess times on a bi-weekly basis. Students will select, read, and discuss literature relevant to their lives. We aim to promote empathy and understanding as we provide windows and mirrors for our students to look through via literature. Mr. Patterson and Mrs. Jameson are book club advisers. 
Jazz Band- Mr. Sobnosky ext. 4444
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Gaming Club - Kathleen Slusarz                                                           
This club is a student run group that promotes fun and camaraderie for those who enjoy games. It is offered every Wednesday in the high school library after school. For one hour middle school and high school students exercise our minds, creating and dealing with imaginary conflict in "our world."

Newspaper-Mrs. Chris Bauer ext.4333  This club provides students with the opportunity to further develop their writing and editing skills. Newspaper Club students conduct interviews, report on school news, write articles and poetry, and produce a newspaper, which is published three times throughout the school year and shared with the stuent body and community. Monthly meetings for 7th grade participants occur before school (7:15 - 7:32 am) and lunch for 8th grade participants.  If interested, see Mrs. Bauer.

Power Of The Pen-Mr. Richmond ext.4326
The Power of the Pen organization has been a creative writing competition since 1988. School teams consist of twelve members, six seventh graders and six eighth graders. In recent years we have had several team members make it all the way to the state competition, an event held at Wooster College.

Practices will be held every Tuesday after school in my room. They are an hour long, ending right at 4:00. You can make pick your child up at the front entrance of the building. At practices, we warm up with a myriad of word games.

We then usually read award-winning narratives from years past and critique them. We also write from a given prompt. We try to simulate the competition experience when we write. That is, we limit the writing time to 35-40 minutes. Each member is encouraged to look at the piece at home and revise it. We do a great deal of peer revising. You’ll notice that I used the word, “revise” and not “edit”. The competition stresses the development of a whole story: engaging start, developed plot and characters and a sense of closure. The mechanics and punctuation are not a major part of the scoring rubric.
At competitions, each member will write a total of three times. At each of the three “rounds” a prompt is given and the student formulates a piece in the allotted time. Two judges read each piece and rank the piece against those written by the other contestants. Each piece is judged against only 5 others initially. The top scoring piece of the six then gets sent to another set of judges to be compared to the rest of the tops scorers. Remember that at the district competition, we will compete against 20 school districts or so. The competitions last a good portion of the day. As the students eat lunch, judges finish the final tallying… a long and tense period of time… and then there is an awards ceremony. Only a certain percentage of students advance to the regional level. Just because a member doesn’t advance, does not mean that he or she is not welcome to continue being a part of the group.
Science Buddies-  Mrs. Dean ext 4338 
Science Buddies is a an opportunity for Seventh Graders to pair up with First graders while learning science concepts specific to the first grade curriculum. The lessons are planned and executed by the seventh graders. This activity is a great relationship building activity. The seventh graders work with the same Science Buddy all year.
Select Choir- Mr. Bachofsky ext. 4360
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Speech and Debate -  Mrs.  Courtney Polcar ext.4327
Empowering youth to become engaged citizens, problem solvers & leaders in our global society.
The goal for this academic team is to explore the world of argumentative debate, rhetoric, dramatic interpretation, and current events on a sophisticated level. This Middle School team fosters competitive and collaborative leadership, research, writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills. Participants will work with High School Speech & Debate members in a mentorship program that allows them to shadow High School Tournaments and develop skills in a less intimidating setting. Students will become members of the National Middle School Speech and Debate Association and have the opportunity to participate in regional and state competitions in the categories of Speech and Debate
Ski Club- @ Community Ed. ext. 4226
Any student may join by signing up and paying a fee. Five sessions are held on Friday evenings during the winter ski season. 
Student Council: Mr. Patterson ext 4307 and Mrs. Aranavageext 4312
Two students per homeroom are elected at the beginning of the school year to represent their homeroom on Student Council.  Meetings are every other Thursday at 7:00 a.m. in room 101.  There are additional student council events at which attendance is mandatory (e.g. committee meetings, dance set-up,  etc).  In the spring, 7th graders may run to be elected to Student Council officer positions of President, Vice-President/Treasurer and Secretary for the following school year.    All student council information for student council members, including the Constitution and schedule of events, is located on the google classroom.  Student council members share meeting minutes and elicit feedback about school issues during homeroom on meeting days.
 Click here to visit the Student Council homepage.
Yearbook-Ms. Mrofchak ext. 4336
The CFMS Yearbook Club gives all students the opportunity to become involved in the fun activities that are going on in the Middle School.  The students can take pictures during the school day for such things as spirit week, classroom activities, assembly’s, special events throughout the year and/or at after school events.  Students will learn the business side of documenting purchases and collecting & depositing money.  During club meetings, the students sort through the thousands of photos that have been collected and choose which photo’s will be placed on the pages of the yearbook.  Any student can participate at any time throughout the year as their schedule permits!   Listen to the morning announcements for the next scheduled meeting!  
Coming Soon! New This Year! Mock Trial - Mrs. Polcar ext 4327
Look for this new club starting in November 
Literary Magazine 7-12 - Mrs. Kanzinger ext 4471
 Students meet during win or after school monthlyClick here for info
Club Connect 7-12 - Mrs. Salvati ext 4311
 "All are welcome to come and participate to be a part of building an inclusive school community one conversation at a time." Article
GSA 7-12 - Mr. Bachofsky ext 4360 and Mrs. Ashkettle ext 4472
 To create a safe space to discuss how to make the school a safe, tolerant and positive place.
If interested, please see Ms. Campbell ext4364 who is piloting a Spanish Club for 18-19 and Ms. Moore ext 4331 who is piloting an Environmental Club for 18-19
Please see Mrs. Discenza if interested in new offerings!
Interscholastic Sports-Athletic Director Todd Thombs
893-7695 extension 4337
The Middle School is a member of the Chagrin Valley Middle School Conference and participates in many interscholastic sports. The following is a list of the sports currently offered:
Basketball; Boys and Girls                          
Track; Boys and Girls
Cheerleaders, Girls                                      
Volleyball, Girls
Cross Country: Boys and Girls                   
Wrestling, Boys
Football, Boys
Students must have a current physical and athletic/O.H.S.A.A. forms packet on file to try-out/practice/play.
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