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Please check infinite campus frequently for updated grades. 
If you are having trouble accessing infinite campus please contact Jill Koval at: jill.koval@chagrinschools.org


In fifth grade we encourage personal responsibility for knowing what homework has been assigned.  However, if you are supporting your child's organizational development please use google calendar to assist them.  

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Contact Mrs. Brent

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Kathryn Brent
Grade 5 Math and Science
(440) 893-7690 ext. 4208

Math Unit Practice Websites

Topic 1: Place Value 
Convert Fractions to Decimals 
Topic 2: Adding and subtracting Decimals
Topic 3: Multiplying Whole Numbers
Multidigit Multiplication Practice
For this site you can work out problems and the computer will check your work.
Topic 4: Dividing 1 Digit Divisors
Long Division Practice
with a tool that checks your answers
Topic 5: Dividing 2 Digit Divisors
Topic 6: Multiplying Decimals
Topic 7: Dividing Decimals
Topic 8: Numerical Expressions, Patterns and Relationships
Topic 9: Adding and Subtracting Fractions
Topic 10: Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers
Topic 11: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers  
Topic 12: Volume of Solids
Topic 13: Units of Measure
Topic 14: Data
Topic 15: Classifying Plane Figures
Topic 16: Coordinate Geometry

Class Downloads

Math Enrichment and Websites

Facts Review Games

This website has a large variety of resources to help you when reviewing math facts.  It has printable blank tests, games, online tests and more...  
Mr. Myers
This site will time and correct your answers.  It is great for working toward math fluency goals. 
Stun Attack
Pick your multiplication facts two facts at at time. 
Croc Doc
Pick your division facts two facts at a time.

Math Vocabulary

Science Vocabulary

Great Websites

Cool Science Websites

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