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Learning outside of the classroom of Chagrin Falls High School has become a critical component of a 21st Century education.  There are few experiences that can replace living among and with students from vastly different cultures.  This experience will help our students to better understand themselves and their world.  Unlike a family vacation, the opportunity to be fully immersed in a different culture will prove to be a life changing occurrence.  The Bridge Project offers a unique opportunity to experience life in foreign country.

Project Goals

  • Develop greater cultural intelligence and acceptance and further increase global awareness in students.
  • Provide students the experience to grow in confidence and independence.
  • Stretch students beyond their immediate horizons.
  • Prepare them to love, work and participate in the global economy.
     The experience of this trip can transform students and broaden their view of themselves and the world.

Purpose of the Project

     Our international initiative called the "Bridge to the World Project" is intended to help our students and staff gain understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop the 21st Century skills necessary for living in a globally independent and culturally diverse world. The thrust of the project is to create opportunities for our students and staff to experience diverse cultures by living abroad. Through cooperative agreements with our "sister schools: in China, South Africa and Morocco, students will have a cost effective chance to travel abroad.

China Experience 2010
     Chagrin Falls High School students recently had the opportunity to experience life in China from July 1-15, 2010.  This trip will allowed students to live and experience life while living with a host family in China.  Our students and their families hosted the Chinese students in their homes from August 15-30, 2010.The opportunity to both travel and host was an invaluable experience for our students.

South Africa 2011
 Staff members traveled to South Africa in December to coordinate an exchange program with a high school in South Africa. As a result, 13 students from Chagrin Falls High School will be traveling to South Africa from June 18thto July 2nd.  They will stay with host families in Irene near Pretoria and attend classes at Cornwall Hill College.  In August, the Chagrin Falls students will reciprocate by hosting students from South Africa who will attend classes at the high school.

China Visit with Middle School 2011     
     Families of students at Chagrin Falls High School will be hosting students from China this May. The students will also attend the annual Washington D. C. trip.
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