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7th grade Health

Welcome to 7th grade Health class!

Welcome to 7th Grade Health Class 

My contact information is on the right.  The easiest way to reach me is via email.  I teach both at the High School as well as the Middle School.  
"The first wealth is health." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Health Philosophy
Health Education in the Chagrin Falls School District emphasizes social, mental, physical and emotional health. The intent of our program is for every individual to gain knowledge and skills that will influence them to make responsible decisions in acquiring lifelong positive health behaviors. Students will be guided through the decision-making process that promotes enhanced learning behaviors to help them maintain a high level of health/wellness throughout their life.

Students are encouraged to understand and adopt the holistic concept and attitude of wellness. This overall state of well-being, or total health, includes the topics of nutrition, substance use and abuse, physical growth and development, mental and emotional well-being, safety and first aid, disease prevention and control and integrated health issues.

Health Education is about gaining the tools to achieve and maintain total well-being. The purpose is not just to present the health facts, but for the students to develop the appropriate skills to meet their health needs as they mature and encounter new experiences.

         Through google classroom, you have a calendar. If something is posted in classroom it will appear on your calendar.  Not all assignments will go through classroom so YOU need to write them in your planner or add to calendar when they are assigned!  YOU are responsible for your assignments every day.  YOU have time at the beginning of each class to update your planner and your calendar! You need to bring the following materials to class each day: health folder, chrome book, planner, pen/pencil, homework folder, your brain, and a smile!
Parents:  If you have a health background or career (dietitian, nurse, doctor, personal trainer, counselor, etc.) that you would be interested in being a guest speaker, please contact me at  Carole.Dennison@chagrinschools.org
Without your health, you have nothing!  Let's have a great quarter together.

Mrs. Carole Dennison

Heath/Physical Education Teacher 7-12
Chagrin Falls Middle School
Chagrin Falls High School
440-893-7695 ext. 4328
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