1:1 Chromebook Initiative

Our Model: 1:1 Computing
Every student in grades K-12 is provided with a district owned Chromebook. The Chromebook will be used in a variety of ways in the classroom. The focus is to provide students with multiple opportunities to research, collaborate and create. Students take the device home at night and on weekends. Its one way we can expand the learning outside of their traditional classroom. 

Want to Learn More? 
Our team is always willing to share policies, stories, best practices, and much more related to our 1:1 environment. If you would like more information, please email us using the addresses below. We'll answer any questions you may have. You can also setup a visit to come out and see the program in action!
Director of Technology and Information Services  
Technical Support Specialist  
Tech Integration and Specialist Coach  
1. Why did the district choose to go with a Chromebook over an iPad or a traditional laptop? 
After years of research, the district technology committee felt that the Chromebook was the best device to meet the goal of preparing students for life after high school. We felt that students need six key skills: Critical Thinking, Research, Collaboration, Adaptability, Communication and Presentation. The device was tested by Chagrin Falls students and teachers in actual classroom environments over a period of six months. The Chromebook, with its deep ties to Google Apps for Education, online assessment compatibility, ease of management, and overall cost was the clear choice. 
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